Major Sports Leagues Launch Official Betting Products

official betting

Several major sports leagues have partnered with gambling operators in order to launch official betting products, giving operators and leagues a unique opportunity to align on a common vision and gain access to data. These sports betting partnerships provide a chance for major brands to connect with the fans and movers and shakers of the industry. The most successful of these partnerships typically involve companies assembling complementary components to create a mutually beneficial sports betting partnership.

NASCAR has developed an innovative official sportsbook product that gives sportsbooks the ability to take bets on every lap of every race. This data-powered solution provides fans in regulated states with a highly engaging live experience. In addition, the NASCAR official product is also equipped with over 25 in-race bet-types that offer a variety of wagering options.

PGA TOUR has also expanded its multi-year content relationship with DraftKings, which has been designated as the first “Official Daily Fantasy Game of the PGA TOUR.” The new product will include the TOUR’s trademarks, highlights and logos. In addition, the company will have rights to advertise on TOUR partner platforms and create pre-game betting programming. The PGA TOUR has also established an integrity program that includes a platinum membership with the National Council on Problem Gambling.

The MLB has a plethora of betting markets to choose from, including regular season games and the postseason. The playoffs feature all regular season betting markets along with a variety of promotions. In addition, some teams will have additional playoff betting markets. These teams include the Arizona Diamondbacks, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates. In addition to the traditional betting markets, the MLB playoffs can also feature promotions that offer a unique perspective. Some of these markets include futures and parlays.

The NFL has a long-standing relationship with Caesars Entertainment, which is now the franchise’s official betting partner. The NFL has a thriving sports betting business that includes both online and mobile wagering. The NFL has also teamed with FanDuel, who is an authorized NBA sports betting operator.

The PGA TOUR is aligned with the American Gaming Association and Have A Game Plan, a campaign that educates golf fans about the sport. The TOUR has also worked with IMG ARENA to license live scoring data. In addition, the PGA TOUR has partnered with Genius Sports, a sports data provider, to provide its first official data-powered sports betting solution. The result is a data-powered sportsbook product that allows sportsbooks to bet on every lap of every race.

The PGA TOUR also has a partnership with PointsBet, which is designated as an “Official Gaming Operator” of the PGA TOUR. PointsBet’s unique product combines the best aspects of MLB and NASCAR betting, giving bettors the opportunity to win or lose more on their bet depending on the score differential. In addition, PointsBet’s “Good Karma Payouts” promo is a unique promotion that has allowed it to refund thousands of dollars in bets on the New York Yankees after sign-stealing allegations were made against them.